Confidentiality Chart

If your organization has confidential information, then you have a legal obligation to protect this information. I have prepared a chart to make this easy. The chart has columns with the following headings: confidential information, how are we protecting it, who can see it, consent, storage and disposal. This chart is also available in my […]

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Why Don’t we get Compliance?

 I have been talking about compliance all summer. This tip asks the question: Why don’t your stakeholders follow the policies? Possible reasons for non-compliance: · Stakeholders do not recognize the authority of those who make the policies · Policies are not good, not well explained, no one knows why the policy exists · No one […]

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Checklist to Improve Compliance

I have devoted my summer of governance tips to talking about compliance. I have designed an acronym to help us achieve the goals that have been set by our organizations. The acronym is COMPLY. C= communicate the policies,  O= observe behaviour to determine compliance.  M= measure the compliance.  P= prevent misbehaviour or provide penalties for […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

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