2016 Medical Receipts

The time is coming for you to start putting together your personal income tax information for 2016 filing. Before too much time has gone by in 2017 consider getting those 2016 receipts together.

Do you see a chiropractor or physiotherapist on a regular basis? If so, ask for an annual receipt. In fact, tell them in 2017 that you do not need a receipt for each visit and that you plan to only get an annual receipt. One piece of paper instead of many! There are two advantages to this – one is the less paper and the other is that you will not miss any receipts because they are all on the one page.

This same strategy applies at your pharmacy. You can get an annual summary instead of a pile of little pieces of paper.

We all pay enough income tax so don’t pay any extra because you have lost the receipts.

Another bonus is that your tax preparer is going to praise you for bringing them a summary rather than a bag.

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