2017 Do You Travel For Medical Treatments? Canada 150 Recommendation #59

Sunday’s= Personal Tax

A Canadian resident is able to claim medical expenses on their personal income tax returns. What is less well known is that travel for medical treatment is considered to be a medical expense.

You calculate the number of kilometres that you had to travel to get an x-ray, MRI or to see a specialist. If the distance is greater than 40 km each way then you can claim the km. There is a per km amount that is allowed and it changes each year. Typically, the allowable amount is around fifty cents a kilometre.

I have written before about how to figure out if you have enough medical

Expenses to make a claim, it is the amount that exceeds 3% of your net income, subject to an annual cap.

Calculating the medical mileage will certainly add to your claim for tax purposes.

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