A New Business Owner Should Enjoy Working Without a Net. Canada 150 Recommendation #26

Tuesday’s= Starting a Business

New business owners need to have certain qualities if they are going to be successful. The quality I am talking about today is the ability to be fearless.

Business owners basically work without a net and that will be a new experience for someone who has only been an employee.

For example – If your business fails you can’t get Employment Insurance. You are no longer eligible for that program. All of your employees are eligible but the person who actually created the jobs for those employees cannot draw EI.

You will no longer get paid vacations, as no one is going to pay you for doing nothing – all your clients expect quality work for their money.

Payday has a different meaning now – that is the day that you have to pay your employees, not the day someone else pays you.

Holidays are more of the same – over the holidays a business owner will be paying people who do not come to work.

If you have what it takes to run your own business you won’t be thinking about how there is no safety net for you. You will be thinking about how there is no limit to what you can achieve now that you are making your own decisions and charting your own course.

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