Age Limits For Your Board

I have talked before about term limits, which is the amount of time that a board member is allowed to serve on a board. The usual best practice is three terms of three years each. Many boards have term limits. What about age limits? 

Presumably each group has a default minimum age limit of 18 as a person younger than 18 cannot represent themselves. The Canada Business Corporation Act sets 18 as their minimum limit.  In order to be President of the United States you have to be older than 35 when you file the papers to run for office and clearly there is no upper limit to how old you can be and still be President. There are organizations who have a mandatory retirement age. I personally don’t agree with that. However, in the absence of an upper age limit how does a group put in place a control over the performance of their board members?

Which is easier to explain– you have to leave the board because you are 80 or you have to leave the board because we think you are losing it? Does your group have age limits? fff fffff

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