Agenda Preparation For the Coming Year

If you have been watching this space you know I have recommended that it is time to set the schedule for the coming year’s meetings. I would also like to suggest that one could start working on the agenda items for the upcoming year.

Your organization is going to tie each agenda into the strategic plan and it is an interesting process to make sure that everything that is on the strategic plan is going to be discussed at a meeting.

Who is responsible for making sure board meetings are an effective use of everyone’s time? Whoever that is in your organization should be the one to allocate the strategic plan activities into the meeting agendas.

If you have prepared the agendas ahead of time you might want to distribute them a to board members to allow your board members to prepare for the topics that will be discussed at each meeting.

All of these tactics – setting your meeting schedule ahead of time, tying your strategic plan into the agenda and preparing your agendas ahead of time – will help your organization achieve your goals. The meetings will be more productive and better attended.

Distributing the agendas well ahead of the meeting will give board members more time to prepare. Having a chance to consider the items that are going to be discussed should result in a more thoughtful discussion and we can all use more of that.


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