April Fool’s Day Used to be More Fun

Years ago, I put out a post on April 1st which said that Canada had moved to a flat tax and from now on everyone would pay tax at 20%, no deductions no expenses. Some people thought it was funny, but mostly people were either confused or annoyed. I had to explain the joke for weeks. We just don’t see classic April Fool’s Days’ anymore.

The phone company put out a notice one year that you needed to put your phone in a plastic bag today because they were blowing dust off the lines. That was really funny to me, but I don’t think they would say something like that now. Political correctness has made us more humourless.

I would have liked to make a post about how CRA had decided that for 2020 no one had to file their personal income tax return. However, if I did that, people would message me about how cruel it is to raise peoples hopes just to make a joke. And someone would call me years later to say their 2020 late filing penalty was my fault because I told them they did not have to file.

So, this April 1st, I have said all I have to say. No April Fool’s Day comments from me.

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