Are Any Of Your Backups Still On A Diskette? Canada 150 Recommendation #36

Friday’s= Computer Security

Whenever you change your computers you should think about your backups. If you are getting rid of the last computer you had with a CD drive, then your backups on CD are much less useful.

You have to keep financial information for tax purposes for seven years from the date of filing the return. Could you access backups made of your 7-year-old financial documents?

The last time I had to do 12 years tax returns for a group, some of those years were on diskettes and we had to locate a computer that still had a disk drive. (The reason I had to do all those returns was because it was a charity that lost its status. I know you wanted to know.)

If you change up your technology, think about how this affects your backups. It would be simple to move the data from a CD to a USB stick but it is much more difficult to move the data when you no longer have a CD drive. The time to switch the data is before you get rid of the computer.

Plan ahead and save yourself aggravation.

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