Car And House Insurance Should Be Reviewed By Self Employed Canadians. Canada 150 Recommendation #5

If you use your house for business you should let your insurance broker know. A homeowner’s policy will not likely cover an accident that happens to a customer in your home. The insurance company will point out – correctly – that you did not tell them that you were using your home for business. The insurance company could decide that they are not going to pay out on your claim because your insurance application was not prepared correctly.

Until you have insurance that covers customers in your home, you should meet your clients somewhere else besides your home office. Coffee shops are a trendy source of meeting space and maybe your customer will buy the coffee.

The same problem can arise with business owners and their vehicles. You should let your vehicle insurance company know that you are using your vehicle for business. The same issue can occur, you are involved in a car accident and the insurance company does a little investigation and determines that you were delivering your product or on your way to a business appointment. Some insurance companies would not honour your claim.

New business owners who are using a car and house that they had before they became business owners are at a higher risk for omitting the step of making sure that insurance companies know they are now carrying on business. If a new business owner buys a vehicle for business, the insurance application is more likely to be properly handled.

If you are using your house and/or vehicle for business and your insurance company does not know this – today would be a good day to contact them.

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