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First Week of the New Fiscal Year

For many non-profit organizations, this is the first week of a new fiscal year. Do you have an approved budget for this year? Is this time period a “no man’s zone”  for your group – not last year, but not this year yet because we don’t have the budget done, or maybe the strategic plan […]

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Auto-fill Your Tax Return

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) offers an excellent service for helping you prepare your individual income tax return. You need to register for My Accountwith CRA (which you should do anyway) and you need to be using tax software. CRA does not have the ability to download data to a tax return prepared on paper (accounting […]

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Who Chairs the Meeting?

Does your group have a chairperson and a vice chairperson?  If so, when the chair is unavailable for a meeting or has a conflict of interest with a topic being discussed, then the vice chair will take over and chair the meeting. If you do not have a vice chair, then maybe you want an […]

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How Would You Rate Your Meetings?

Does your group evaluate the effectiveness of your meetings? Every organization deals with meetings. Members may dread the board meeting that takes an entire evening out of their life. Can this meeting be saved? How long should a meeting be? It should be long enough to make it worthwhile to travel to, but not so […]

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