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Passive Income Calculation

The most recent budget refined the method that will be used to calculate the additional tax to be paid if you have passive income in an active business. The issue the Federal government has with this passive income in an active business, is that there is more money available to invest, if you are only […]

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China is Looking to Eliminate Term Limits

The Communist Party of China’s Central Committee is considering eliminating term limits so that China’s leader Xi Jinping is able to serve beyond the customary 2 terms of 5 years. Term limits are always a hot topic in governance discussions. Canada and the United States, have differing opinions on their leaders and term limits. The […]

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CRA Mobile Apps

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has developed a couple of mobile apps, in case you want to see CRA every time you look at your phone.  CRA BizApp is for small business owners and sole proprietors. This app offers secure access to view your transactions and pay outstanding balances with CRA. CRA Business Tax Reminders is […]

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What Does Ex-officio Mean?

There is confusion around the usage of the term ex-officio. The term means by virtue of your office. So an ex-officio board member holds the position on the board because of another role they fulfill. An example would be a funder who places their CEO on your board. The position on the board is for […]

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