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Balance — Board has Authority — Management Has Knowledge. Canada 150 Recommendation #77

Thursday’s= Governance The balance of power between the board and management can be a delicate thing. The board sets the strategic direction of the organization and management implements it. This is the mantra for many organizations that have staff. However, it is management who has the day-to-day detailed knowledge about the organization and it is […]

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How Engaged is the Board?

Does your organization have a way to measure board engagement? Although this is a broad concept — there are some metrics. Meeting attendance can be measured easily, so that is a default measure of engagement. However, what about participation in meetings — how would that be measured? Would we ask the person taking minutes to also record the number […]

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Feds Blame CRA for Employee Discount Kerfuffle

For a while last week many employees were concerned that their employee discount was going to end up being added to their T4. The reason for this was due to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) communications which said that employee discounts are a taxable benefit and are required to be added to the employee’s T4. Of […]

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Your Year-End is December, Unless You Incorporate. Canada 150 Recommendation #75

Tuesday’s= Starting a Business Unincorporated businesses have a December year-end for tax purposes. There was once a time when a business owner could pick a year-end of any day of the year. Life was simpler then, accountants could spread their workload out because businesses had a variety of year-ends. We also had to file every […]

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