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How Do You Set Your Prices?

Business owners often have a hard time figuring out how much to charge their customers. There are a couple of approaches. Some people calculate their costs and then double that amount and they have a price. Others look at their competition and either match or try to set their price lower. I look at pricing […]

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Mother’s Day: A Governance Guide

I speak about governance a lot and I believe that governance applies to everything. With Mother’s Day coming up I would like to show how my decision making framework can apply to the holiday. ADAPPT Authority – who decides what is going to happen? Whose mother is she? Does the oldest sibling make the arrangements? Does […]

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Paying Canada Revenue Agency

People rarely enjoy paying their income taxes. However, most people don’t want to pay the government interest either. Should you be setting up a better system for paying your personal income tax? Do you owe for 2016? If so, how do you get caught up? I often say “there is never a good year to […]

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When Do You Plan Your Week?

All the productivity articles point out that good things happen when you plan your activities. I believe this to be true. I have been able to reduce the number of items in my life that simply do not get done by making a weekly plan. I use a simple spreadsheet I built on Excel. I […]

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