Avoiding Paying Ransom to Cyber Thieves. Canada 150 Recommendation #8

There are some bad people who are attempting to make a living by kidnapping computer data. The method used varies, but the general idea is that you get an email pointing out that your server or hard drive has been encrypted. You need to pay some amount of Bitcoin to the kidnappers and they give you the key to your data.

A way to avoid this problem is to have complete backups of all of your data on a different computer or in a different location. The term versioning is important. You don’t want a backup that overwrites yesterdays backup. You want multiple versions of your data saved. The reason for this is you may not know for a few days that your system has been infected.

Having a backup that dates back a couple of days or weeks could keep you from paying the ransom because you will be able to cleanse your system and re-install an older backup.

What is your plan for dealing with cyber security?

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