Board Characteristics — Training

Throughout August I was talking about the characteristics that are desirable in board members. There are no perfect people, so it is unlikely that any organization has a board where all of the board members demonstrate all of the desirable characteristics.  This is where training comes in.

We can do training around ethical behaviour, explaining what is acceptable and what is not. We can also provide training around how to conduct meetings, so that everyone has a chance to speak and share their viewpoint. I also believe that you can train people to be punctual, eventually. However, if the board member is not committed to the cause, I think that is a harder sell. Keeping in mind that the board is instrumental in helping the organization achieve their goals, we want a board that has as many of the desirable skills as possible.  What the board should consider is doing a self-assessment of their characteristics and skills. Then they can decide if training is needed or desirable.

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