Can Your Business Be Sold?

My succession book is finally available. I say finally because this book was nearly ready to go to the editor when CRA announced extensive potential changes to the use of the capital gain exemption in June of 2017. This was a false alarm as the changes were not made, but we were waiting for months to find that out.

The book is called Can Your Business Be Sold? One of the questions I am asking in the book concerns what your business will look like without you. In order for a business to be worth something to a buyer there has to be value to someone other than  the owner. If you plan to sell your business you have to grow your business. Not all businesses can be sold and not all business owners are assuming that they can sell their business. But, if you do plan to sell your business then you will need to consider the concept of; what is your business is worth without you? and, how can you increase this value?

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