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Last Tax Instalment of 2017

December 15th is the day that the final personal income tax instalment for 2017 is due to be paid to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). If you are required to make personal income tax instalments, then you should do so. CRA’s interest is compounded daily and is not deductible. The only way that you can avoid […]

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Diversity is Needed on Committees

We have spoken before about the need for diversity on the board. I have suggested previously that what you need to do is look at your stakeholders and make sure that the board is as diverse as your stakeholder. This has been discussed for some time. However, how about the committees? How diverse do your […]

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Who is Your Chief Risk Officer?

Small business owners fulfill many functions, by necessity. Small business owners are the presidents, chief executive officers, privacy officers, safety officers, sales managers and production bosses. Lately the question has been coming up, who is the chief risk officer of the business? Here is an example: University students are ordering their boxed foods like Kraft […]

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Ceasing Operations? Make Sure Directors Resign

Most situations in Canada that involve directors being required to make personal payments for organization’s debts involve Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). CRA has the ability to require directors to make payments for source deductions and sales tax, when those payments have not been made by the organization itself. When an organization ceases operations, it is […]

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Year-End is Coming

As we look at the end of 2017 there are still a couple of things you can do to improve your 2017 tax situation. These are tried and true strategies: Business owners, if you are planning to buy some machinery or equipment early in 2018, consider buying it even earlier, before the end of 2017 […]

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