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How Do You Do a Bank Reconciliation?

Remember balancing a chequebook? A bank reconciliation is the equivalent concept. The cool kids call the bank reconciliation the bank rec. Business owners are required to balance their accounting records to the bank statements at least on an annual basis. This helps make sure that the financial statements are accurate and you get all the […]

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Time To Set Your Meeting Schedule

An organization that sets the time for their meeting ahead of time will have good things happen. Firstly, there will be better board attendance which means that there will be no meetings which need to be rescheduled due to a lack of quorum. Secondly, board members will be able to plan their time better and […]

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Canadian Business Owners Need To Complain

The federal government is considering making changes to taxation in this country. You might have heard complaints from some groups. The actual conversation is about reducing the ability of small business owners to split income with family members through dividends. The question I am asking “Why does the federal government want to take more tax […]

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Signs and Metrics

I took this picture before I did the hike. The signs serve a couple of purposes. The one about “pack in and pack out” explains a best practice of hikers everywhere. The sign about trapping makes reference to a law. The small sign that says Island Trails is a promotional sign, letting you know who […]

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Can You Get a Receipt for Parking?

One of the issues with CRA audits is having receipts for all of the expenses that you are claiming for tax purposes. There are a couple of examples that have plagued us over the years, dollar stores, pay phones and parking meters. Pay phones are no trouble anymore because nearly everyone has a cell phone. […]

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