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Can We Take the Politics Out of Governance?

It is hard to keep your eyes away from the train wreck that is the American political system. As I have said before in this space, it appears the politicians think that they owe more allegiance to their party than the people who elected them. Politics is about power, getting it and keeping it. Governance […]

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Liberal Government Planning More Taxes on Success

The federal government is planning to increase the income tax paid by “wealthy” Canadians. This sounds like a more reasonable idea than what they are really suggesting. The plan they are putting forward for discussion will increase the taxes being charged to self-employed Canadians who have created and operate successful businesses. Words are important and […]

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Does Your Board Understand Their Role?

I am still talking about how to deal with differing opinions at the board room table. I would like to believe that if all of the information was available, that board members would be able and willing to make the best decision. I would like to believe that no board member overlooks facts in making […]

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Do You Know The Size Of Your Tax Footprint?

I teach courses to business owners about taxes and I am amazed sometimes by how little Canadians understand about our tax system. Canada has a self-assessment system which requires a number of returns to be filed. Other countries do not require income tax returns so you might think that there would be enough complaining about […]

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