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TD1 Forms

Did you fill in a new TD1 form (view here) at work yet for 2017? This is a form that should be completed each year that you are employed. Business owners should have asked their employees to do this by now. Some provinces also require a provincial TD1 form. The province that I work in – […]

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2017 Diversity of Thought

We talk a lot about diversity when considering board composition. We ask for representatives from different geographic locations, different professions and genders, age groups etc. A question to consider however, is do we get diversity of thought? People can live in different areas and still share common beliefs. It is also possible that men and […]

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Who Takes the Minutes?

Does your group have an official minute taker? Minutes are an important part of every meeting as they form the official record of what has actually happened and what the board has agreed to do. For some groups the decision about who is taking minutes is made at the start of each meeting based on […]

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Cyber Security Insurance

January seems like a good time to be thinking about what could go wrong. I have written before about ransomware. This is malware that encrypts your data and then you are asked to pay a ransom to have it unlocked. Malware, which is short for malicious software, can be picked up in many ways. One […]

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