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Standby charges and HST owing

If your corporation owns a passenger vehicle that is driven home by an employee then you have to calculate a standby charge and put it on the employees T4 as a taxable benefit. There is a calculation which is based on 2% per month of the original cost (plus HST) of the vehicle, plus a […]

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2016 Medical Receipts

The time is coming for you to start putting together your personal income tax information for 2016 filing. Before too much time has gone by in 2017 consider getting those 2016 receipts together. Do you see a chiropractor or physiotherapist on a regular basis? If so, ask for an annual receipt. In fact, tell them […]

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Definition of roles

Does your board have job descriptions or role definitions? Few volunteer boards have set aside time to develop role definitions for their board members. If everyone on a board is responsible for something happening then it is the same as no one being responsible. Time will be wasted in co-ordinating efforts of multiple people if […]

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Dirty Money

Accountants talk about laundering money in a different sense than actually making the money cleaner. Health professionals talk about the germs that money carries. Canadian currency is no longer made of paper so it harbours fewer germs, genetic material and cocaine on its surface than US money. This is yet another way that Canada is […]

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