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Intuition or Analysis?

How do you make your business decisions? Do you do research, run the numbers, talk to advisors? Or do you “go with your gut,” which is a more down to earth way to say intuition. A decision, by its nature presumes that there are choices. You can expand your business or not, sell your business […]

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What Makes a Motion a Valid Motion?

In order for a motion to be valid the following must take place: The meeting must be valid, which means the proper amount of notice should have been given to the board members, or committee members if we are talking about a committee. The meeting must have a quorum, which means there must be at […]

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Talk to Your Executor

One of the “accounting jokes” that I tell involves making sure that the executor of your will understands your wishes. The joke goes like this. What if there is a hereafter? Do you want to spend it wishing that you had explained something in your will better?  Now I do appreciate that accounting humour is […]

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