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Do You Know The Size Of Your Tax Footprint?

I teach courses to business owners about taxes and I am amazed sometimes by how little Canadians understand about our tax system. Canada has a self-assessment system which requires a number of returns to be filed. Other countries do not require income tax returns so you might think that there would be enough complaining about […]

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Email – Not a secure method of communication

There has been much talk about email in the news lately – particularly as it applies to the American political system. It is possible that email issues prevented Hillary Clinton from being elected as President and now Donald Trump Jr is having similar problems. This is not a new issue. Years ago Microsoft lost a […]

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Morals or Ethics – How Are They Different?

Morals and ethics are both good things. Many words sound like they mean the same thing, — but — if we are using the words the way our English teachers intended, there are differences. Morals refer to personal standards such as honesty, generosity, integrity and kindness. Ethics actually refer to rules that are set by […]

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Cottages and Taxation

Summertime is finally here and for many people this means cottage time. The word cottage generally means that this is a home you do not normally live in. Therefore it is not your principal residence and is not protected from taxation by the principal residence exemption. If the cottage has increased in value while you […]

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