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Year-End Stuff To Do

Today is the first business day of 2018 for many businesses. Are there year-end tasks to accomplish? The most time sensitive tasks involve inventory and getting the odometer reading on any vehicle used for business. Businesses that have not incorporated, known as proprietorships or partnerships, have a December year-end. Many other businesses have December year-ends, […]

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How to Rebuild Trust

As we start a new calendar year we should be making plans. Does your group need a plan to rebuild trust? The concept of trust comes up again and again when we are talking about governance. I have said that trust takes years to build but can be gone in an instant. I am not […]

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Where Have You Been Looking For Directors?

Have you ever heard the explanation, “We just can’t find any qualified candidates?” We hear this when someone is wondering why there are no women, or visible minorities or gay people on a board. When someone is asking about the diversity in a group. This is a standard explanation but it is not right. Boards […]

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Is Your Minute Book Up-to-Date?

Incorporated businesses have to maintain a minute book. This document which is at least a binder, contains all of the shareholder and director resolutions. If your business was incorporated years ago you may have a fancier book. It is also possible that your minute book is at your lawyer’s office. This book does not sound […]

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Management Captured Board

I have recently heard the term “management captured board.” I found it quite interesting. What it apparently means is a board that does not get information from any other source than management. Could this actually happen? I would ask board members to consider if there are situations where they don’t have any other input besides […]

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