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Member Or Board Member: What’s the Difference?

If you are considering accepting an invitation to become a member of board, you are probably wondering what the difference is between being a member of an organization and serving on the board of an organization? This is a similar question to the difference between being a shareholder and being a director of a for […]

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How to Balance Your T4’s

Last week I talked about the joy of balancing your T4 Summary, but I did not provide a checklist of how to do that. This week I am showing you how to balance your T4’s. T4’s are a part of your life when you have employees in your business. You pay your employees and you […]

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Valentine’s Day Governance

If you have been following my weekly tips, you know that I think governance is everywhere. Holiday governance is one of my specialities. So, let’s look at Valentine’s Day. First of all, why does this holiday exist? I assume it is a Hallmark Holiday – one of the holidays that were created to benefit the […]

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February is T4 Month (2018 Refresher)

February is the month where we think about T4’s. This is a good time for a refresher about who files these forms and when?  The T4 is issued to employees. Canadians are familiar with the T4, as most Canadians have had a job in their lifetime. New business owners who have employees need to be […]

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