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Holiday streamers and governance

The holiday season brings us more governance issues. With the change in normal activities we need to be careful about updating our policies. My holiday season includes travel. My significant other decorated our temporary location – including the placement of paper streamers. What he failed to do was instruct the stakeholders that the fans in […]

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Natural Consequences

    Walking on a railway would seem to be a bad idea – evident without the sign. I spend a lot of time talking about governance and I do feel that most things are governance issues. This sign would be no exception. I suspect the sign is there so that those who are responsible […]

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Run Your Own Race

These are words that anyone who races anywhere has heard. However, when you are lined up at the start and the gun goes off and everyone runs out faster than you do…. it is hard to remember that some of those people will slow down a lot.. and you will catch them later. The runners […]

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