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September Is a Good Month for a 2017 Review

Summer is nearly over, the kids are headed back to school and everyone is getting serious about business after the summer of relaxation. Do you have an annual checklist you should review? My clients often start thinking about their tax situation in February or maybe April. They talk about “tax time”. You will get better […]

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Agenda Preparation For the Coming Year

If you have been watching this space you know I have recommended that it is time to set the schedule for the coming year’s meetings. I would also like to suggest that one could start working on the agenda items for the upcoming year. Your organization is going to tie each agenda into the strategic […]

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How Do You Do a Bank Reconciliation?

Remember balancing a chequebook? A bank reconciliation is the equivalent concept. The cool kids call the bank reconciliation the bank rec. Business owners are required to balance their accounting records to the bank statements at least on an annual basis. This helps make sure that the financial statements are accurate and you get all the […]

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Time To Set Your Meeting Schedule

An organization that sets the time for their meeting ahead of time will have good things happen. Firstly, there will be better board attendance which means that there will be no meetings which need to be rescheduled due to a lack of quorum. Secondly, board members will be able to plan their time better and […]

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