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Edelman Trust Index Falls Below 50%

Edelman is a group that does an annual survey of many things involving the amount of trust that the public has for their institutions. Their annual report is very interesting and way too long to talk about here. The four groups where they measure trust are businesses, governments, the media and nonprofit organizations. The overall […]

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How Many Women Are On Your Board?

The Canadian Security Administrators (CSA) has released their report on the number of women who sit on the board of Canadian public companies. As the Globe and Mail reported: “In the CSA’s first review, it found that women held 11 per cent of total board seats. In the study released last Thursday, that number increased […]

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How Engaged is the Board?

Does your organization have a way to measure board engagement? Although this is a broad concept — there are some metrics. Meeting attendance can be measured easily, so that is a default measure of engagement. However, what about participation in meetings — how would that be measured? Would we ask the person taking minutes to also record the number […]

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