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Electricity where we need it

This bank of plugs can be found in the Vancouver airport – which makes it exceptionally useful. People who are travelling or who wish they were travelling but are merely stuck in an airport –  have much use for electricity to power all of their tools of distraction. Most people who I see travelling have […]

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Friday the 13th

I am not flying home from Vancouver until the 14th. I do not want to tempt fate by doing anything dangerous on an unlucky day. My training plan today called for a 45 minute bike ride. I did this on a stationery bike at my hotel in Whistler. This picture is an example of something […]

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The Governance Grinch

Governance in general has a bad reputation.  Governance means rules and risks. Governance is no fun. The holiday season is even worse. All I am saying when I talk about holiday governance is how you should not serve alcohol if people are driving and how the food you serve should be prepared in a commercial […]

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What To Do After a Convention

The Global Speaker Summit has ended in Vancouver and I am doing something I recommend to anyone who attends any training events. The strategy is – take a day or two after the event ends and put together your notes, your to do lists and your timelines. If you take the time to attend these […]

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Year End Tax Planning – Two Tips

Tuesdays on this blog will always be about financial learning. My financial tips are available on my site and you can sign up to receive the tips by email. It is exactly three weeks until year end for all individuals in Canada. What could you do to improve your personal income tax situation for […]

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