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Talk to Your Executor

One of the “accounting jokes” that I tell involves making sure that the executor of your will understands your wishes. The joke goes like this. What if there is a hereafter? Do you want to spend it wishing that you had explained something in your will better?  Now I do appreciate that accounting humour is […]

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Principal Residence Declarations

Since 2016, Canada Revenue Agency has required Canadian residents to report the sale of any principal residence on their tax returns. If you sell your home and report it on your tax return, you should not have any problems with CRA, provided the home was really your principal residence. Recently, CRA was advertising that they […]

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What Should be in a Board Package?

Efficient boards send out a board package a week or more before each board meeting. The package includes an agenda for the upcoming meeting, the minutes from the past meeting and any other documents that a board member needs to review prior to the meeting. If there is confidential information then the board package is […]

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