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Member Or Board Member: What’s the Difference?

If you are considering accepting an invitation to become a member of board, you are probably wondering what the difference is between being a member of an organization and serving on the board of an organization? This is a similar question to the difference between being a shareholder and being a director of a for […]

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How to Balance Your T4’s

Last week I talked about the joy of balancing your T4 Summary, but I did not provide a checklist of how to do that. This week I am showing you how to balance your T4’s. T4’s are a part of your life when you have employees in your business. You pay your employees and you […]

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Valentine’s Day Governance

If you have been following my weekly tips, you know that I think governance is everywhere. Holiday governance is one of my specialities. So, let’s look at Valentine’s Day. First of all, why does this holiday exist? I assume it is a Hallmark Holiday – one of the holidays that were created to benefit the […]

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February is T4 Month (2018 Refresher)

February is the month where we think about T4’s. This is a good time for a refresher about who files these forms and when?  The T4 is issued to employees. Canadians are familiar with the T4, as most Canadians have had a job in their lifetime. New business owners who have employees need to be […]

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Deciding if Your Group Needs Directors Insurance

How do you decide if your group needs directors insurance? The best answer would be that you have done a comprehensive analysis of the risks facing your organization and then compared these risks to the insurance you have. You then go talk to your broker and decide if you need more coverage. The directors insurance […]

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