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Feds Blame CRA for Employee Discount Kerfuffle

For a while last week many employees were concerned that their employee discount was going to end up being added to their T4. The reason for this was due to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) communications which said that employee discounts are a taxable benefit and are required to be added to the employee’s T4. Of […]

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When Do You Ask a Board Member to Leave?

A board member should be asked to leave the board if they are not following the rules or are not coming to meetings. Board members should understand all the rules, but the most important ones are the rules around conflict of interest and confidentiality. A board member who is clearly in conflict, but does not […]

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Active in the Business – What Will It Mean?

The term “active in the business” is not a defined term. Yet, the July 18 tax proposals make reference to shareholders being active in the business. We can look at examples of active partners compared to silent partners. A person who is active in the business will be involved in day-to-day operations. This person may […]

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Trudeau Adopts Trump Tactics

The Canadian government is patterning their tax message after the tactics that Donald Trump used to divide the USA and get elected. I expect that we will see more of this type of behavior from politicians since it is working so well for The Donald. The recent tax proposals have been explained to the general […]

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