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Do You Have a Board Application Form?

The time is coming to start recruiting for the board. Annual general meetings will be held soon and new board members will be elected. To make that happen you need nominations to be received for board positions. The nominating committee is busy identifying and vetting potential candidates. Circulating an application form will speed up the […]

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Monitoring Board Attendance

If you have a policy about board attendance then you need a procedure to monitor attendance. The names of the board members in attendance at each meeting will be noted in the minutes and the nominating committee should be tracking the attendance of individual board members. If a board member will be asked to leave […]

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Working From Home Policies

Does your organization have working from home policies? Few organizations did until 2020. Some of the areas to consider are health and safety, security, privacy and performance measurement. If employees are working from home are they using the employer’s equipment? Do they have an office set up to avoid repetitive motion injuries or back and […]

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Who Owns This Number?

Preparing a budget requires us to make assumptions about the future. Who is best able to make these assumptions? Who knows the most about what causes revenue or expense to increase or decrease? This person is the one we should ask about the assumptions being made in the budget. This is also the person who […]

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