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Terms of Reference for Committees

Efficient organizations use committees to get the work done. The proper committees will make it easier for the group to achieve their goals. We should think of  committees as needing the same structure as  boards. I have a form that has proven to be useful in documenting the terms of reference for a committee. The […]

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Diversity On Your Board

The Canadian Securities Administration monitors public companies in Canada. They are keeping an eye on gender diversity and report once a year. The reports’ full title is: Report on Fifth Staff Review of Disclosure Regarding Women on Board and in Executive Officer Positions. The report  only talks about gender diversity. There is obviously more types […]

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Halloween Polices For Your Organization

This tip is coming out on Halloween so it seems appropriate to talk about Halloween. I recently spent time in Montreal and the Quebec provincial government is embroiled in a controversy about allowing people to wear religious symbols at work. Halloween is not a religious event so those provincial rules do not apply, but some […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

Understand Financial Stuff, Painlessly