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Malicious Compliance

What is malicious compliance? I would define it as following the letter of the rule or procedure, while undermining its intent. Here is a theoretical example. What if employees did not tell the boss the building was on fire, because she had said she did not want to be disturbed, no matter what? I used […]

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Rules of Meetings

The chairperson of every meeting is responsible for setting the tone. One assumes that all of the meeting participants have participated in training and understand how they are supposed to behave. However, it can’t hurt to remind people at the beginning of the meeting. Here is my script.   “Before we approve the agenda, I […]

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My ADAPPT Acronym and Public Health

I have an acronym I use to teach board members how to make decisions. The acronym ADAPPT applies to other situations as well.  The acronym stands for authority, diligence, accountability, policy, prudence and transparency.  Authority is the first one, because, of course if you don’t have the authority to make a decision you really don’t […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

Understand Financial Stuff, Painlessly