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Should Your Board Always Agree?

What does it mean if everyone around the table agrees with the decision? Does that mean that the decision is obvious, or does it mean that we don’t have enough diversity on the board? Maybe everyone agrees because they are actually all the same people, they drink the same Kool-Aid and they always agree. Or […]

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Google Wins GDPR Decision

The European Union’s top court (European Court of Justice) has ruled that Google only needs to remove links for its search results in Europe, not elsewhere.  The background to this is that the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires all websites operating in the EU to respond to a request to erase search listings for […]

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Paid Board Members Get a T4

In a previous tip I pointed out that if you paid a board member you had to report this income. I have had a number of questions about this and I want to clarify the reporting.  A board member gets a T4 for the amount of directors’ fees they receive. They do not get a […]

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When Would You Pay a Volunteer?

Surprisingly, I get asked this question from time to time. Being a natural smart ass, my first response would be: never, because then you don’t have a volunteer anymore. Duh.  There is a difference between paying someone and reimbursing them for the expenses that they incur when doing board business.  Each group should set a […]

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