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What Makes a Motion a Valid Motion?

In order for a motion to be valid the following must take place: The meeting must be valid, which means the proper amount of notice should have been given to the board members, or committee members if we are talking about a committee. The meeting must have a quorum, which means there must be at […]

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What Should be in a Board Package?

Efficient boards send out a board package a week or more before each board meeting. The package includes an agenda for the upcoming meeting, the minutes from the past meeting and any other documents that a board member needs to review prior to the meeting. If there is confidential information then the board package is […]

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Most Common Board Question?

The number one question asked by people who are interested in serving on a board is “Does this group have board insurance?” That is an excellent question but not what the person really wants to know. What they want to know is – could anything bad happen to me because I am serving on the […]

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