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Desirable Characteristics of Board Members

I am publishing a series on the desirable characteristics of board members. This is the first one and I am going to start with two characteristics – playing well with others and being open-minded. These are similar characteristics. Do you remember your school report cards? Did any of your teachers point out that you do […]

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Cannabis and Your Policies

The Cannabis Act will come into effect in Canada in October of 2018. How does the fact that cannabis consumption will be legal for adults affect your employee and board conduct policies? In the past, cannabis would have been lumped into the category of illegal substances in your policies. Now cannabis should be moved to […]

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Theranos Was a Governance Problem

Theranos is an American tech start-up in the blood testing business. Last month, the founder and second in command were both charged with fraud. The reason they were charged was because the blood testing product never actually worked in the way it was being marketed.  Clients relied on blood tests that were not reliable. The […]

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Painless Financial Training Group Inc. with Debi Peverill

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