Checklist to Improve Compliance

I have devoted my summer of governance tips to talking about compliance. I have designed an acronym to help us achieve the goals that have been set by our organizations. The acronym is COMPLY.

C= communicate the policies, 

O= observe behaviour to determine compliance. 

M= measure the compliance. 

P= prevent misbehaviour or provide penalties for bad behaviour. 

L= leadership also known as tone at the top

Y = you can make a difference

Now that we have covered all of that, I want to provide a short checklist to get started and see if you can improve compliance in your organization. Here are the four steps:

· First – Identify all of your policies

· Second- Identify how you are communicating the policies

· Third – Observe and measure compliance, including at the leadership level

· Fourth – Decide if you need to establish either preventive measures or penalties to improve compliance and implement the changes

If you are following COMPLY in your organization, I believe you will see an improvement in your stakeholders following the policies. This should make it easier for the organization to achieve their goals.

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