Conflict of Interest and Holiday Gifts

Does your board have any policies about accepting gifts from clients, suppliers or others? Would now be a good time to remind everyone what the rules are?   Do you have clients who drop off chocolates or flowers? Many groups have a policy that these gifts are left in the kitchen and available to everyone, rather than be enjoyed by only one staff member.

Some boards have a policy that they do not allow board members to accept any gifts, at all. Some have a policy about larger gifts but don’t get too excited about flowers or chocolates. This is a good time for a reminder about the policies that you do have. 

If a client drops off a present to a board members house, that board member needs to know they have the choice of telling the client to take that to the office or bringing the unopened present to the office themselves.  If you have rules about staff and board members attending parties thrown by clients or suppliers, a reminder about these policies would also be timely. At the end of the holiday season, take a look at what happened with gifts and hospitality and decide if there are any policies  that could be improved for next year.

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