Costa Rica – No One Seems to Care About Bike Safety

I am visiting Costa Rica and I love to bike. So naturally we rented bikes. The bikes being ridden in this region near Limon are all what I would call beach cruisers. Single speed with high handle bars. Quite different from my triathlon bike.



The riders here do not wear helmets. I have had 8 concussions and should always be wearing a helmet, even when I am asleep. People are riding with children on the crossbar, children sitting behind them, while drinking a beer and also while talking on their phones. And it is not like there is no traffic!

The road is barely wide enough for two cars and people are walking and biking on both sides.

No one is wearing bike clothes, most people are biking in sandals or bare feet.

It amazes me that I have not seen any accidents! People here are using their bikes as transportation, not training and there appear to be no actual rules about what side of the road to ride on, helmet use or even the number of people on a bike.

As a governance expert and a cyclist I find this bizarre – however one does not travel to see things the same as they are at home!

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