December Year-End Tax Deadline 2019

A corporation has six months to file their tax return after their year has ended.  For many corporations, that six months is up on June 30th. However, there is a short reprieve as June 30th falls on a long weekend, so the actual day for filing the tax return is July 2, 2019.

Many corporations have chosen a December year-end because it is easier to understand, the year-end is the same as the personal tax year and the same as the T4 and T5 filing deadlines. Because this is such a popular year-end, June is a busy time for accountants as many tax returns are due at the same time. It is possible that your accountant has not had much time to nag you to get your returns done, so let me do that – if you have a December yearend, you only have until July 2 to get this return filed. Your accountant is busy, so get that information into your accountant and file on time.

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