Decision – Making Framework for Valentine’s Day

Is Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark Holiday” in your world or is it a big deal? Are you applying all that I have said about holiday governance to Valentine’s Day? Does your company have a Valentine’s Day policy? Did someone decide that all the female employees should get flowers? Is that going to work in an era of presumed gender equality? Does Valentine’s Day have a place in the workplace?

Remember that the ADAPPT decision-making framework applies to any decision:

A – uthority: Who decides what is to be done about this day? Who is in charge here in each relationship that will be relevant, including the office?

D – iligence: Have you considered all stakeholders? Does your mother expect to be remembered, your spouse, your siblings? Will you have more than one Valentine?

A – ccountability: Are you ready to stand by your decision whether it is  not to celebrate this holiday or to have a big fancy celebration? Or do you need more time to handle the diligence requirement?

P – olicy: Were there any rules made last year – like we are not going out to celebrate this holiday anymore because we found the restaurants too crowded, or did you get in trouble last year for not bringing home candy?

P – rudence: Does prudence apply to your situation? Is there anything that you should be careful about?

T – ransparency: Can we explain how we made the decision? For example, if you mother calls and says that she thought she would have heard from you…. Do you have your reasons for not calling her ready to go?

As always, governance plays a role in any event. Considering the ADAPPT framework should reduce the amount of trouble that you get into.

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