Desirable Characteristics of Board Members (Part 5)

This is the last in the series about desirable characteristics of board members. We have talked about being open minded, playing well with others, being brave, committed to the cause and punctuality. This last tip in the series is about ethical behaviour.

The news from the United States lately is all about members of the Trump administration and campaign being indicted and convicted of various sorts of fraud. Whatever else Trump has done, he has surrounded himself with people who don’t understand ethical behaviour. Could be another example of the “tone at the top” influencing the entire organization.

Of course, ethical behaviour is a higher standard than criminal behaviour. We want our board members to have a natural understanding of right and wrong. The policies of the organization will require board members to be impartial in their decisions and to understand the difference between a decision that is good for the group and one that can benefit them personally. We can teach ethics but it certainly helps if members already have the characteristics of wanting to behave in an ethical manner.

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