Did You Forget Something on Your Personal Tax Return?

 Sometimes in the mad rush to file personal tax returns people forget some items. Common omissions are charitable donations, RRSP receipts and medical expenses.  If you have received your Notice of Assessment for the 2017 year, and you realize you have forgotten items – then you can adjust the return. The way you do this is to log on to MyCRA and click on the option that says “Change My Return” you need to know the line number on your return that you want to adjust. Type in the new number and accept the results.  This should be a faster option than mailing an adjustment to CRA. Of course if you have given your tax preparer authorization – you can simply send the new receipts to your tax preparer and they can do the adjustment on the CRA website for you. This may be a better option as your tax preparer has access to software that will allow them to easily generate the adjustment request.

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