Does your e-cigarette also deliver malware? Canada 150 Recommendation #71

Friday’s= Computer Security

The recent rise of vaping has provided the bad guys, known as fraudsters an additional method of getting access to people’s computer networks.

Some of the machines that deliver the vapour are charged-up through a USB port rather than having batteries or an electrical adapter. I have heard that some of the machines also have malware installed.

In the case of malware being on the machine — when you plug your machine in to your computer to get charged-up the malware can install itself through the USB port. From there the malware may harvest your email address book and sell the addresses or the malware might install some ransom ware.

As technology changes so do the ways that bad guys can make a living. We have moved from door-to-door scams to mail fraud, phone scams and now email has opened up new markets for the fraudsters.

If you have an e-cigarette machine, ask your computer person to see if they can check it for malware.

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