Emergency Succession – Policies to Reduce Probability

Emergency succession is the issue which arises when a key employee or board member is no longer available to the organization. Are there any ways to reduce the possibility of emergencies? Here are two:
1. Make a policy about the number of board members or employees who can travel together in one vehicle or plane. One suggestion is no more than two on the same flight. This will be a pain but consider the alternative – the Polish government lost most of its cabinet with one plane crash.
2. Lotteries – do you have a policy about employees participating in a group lottery ticket buying plan? Think about it. What if they actually won many millions and all quit at once, how would the organization bounce back from that?
In addition to prevention, we also want to have policies around succession that include keeping the persons who are backing-up these key employees or board members up-to-date about items like passwords, key deadlines and the location of important files.
We cannot completely prevent emergency succession, but we can be ready for it.

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