Every Meeting Should Have a “Directors Only” Portion. Canada 150 Recommendation #56

Thursday’s= Governance

I recommend that every board meeting have a portion where management is absent. There are at least two reasons for this:

1. One reason is so that the board does not forget that they are the ones with primary responsibility for the organization. Too much reliance on management is a bad thing. Management works for the board and the board should be able to run a meeting on their own.

2. Secondly, the board member only portion of the meeting can be used to discuss the performance of management. If there is always a board only portion of the meeting then there is no drama. If the board does not routinely have a board only part of the meeting then when they decide to do so, there will be much anxiety in the organization. Employees will be concerned that “something is up” and will experience anxiety.

Make a part of every meeting board only and reduce the drama in your organization.

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