Find Out Why Your Group Exists. Canada 150 Recommendation #14

Thursday’s= Governance

As summer winds down and we all start to think about our fall schedules, I like to ask the questions about the purpose of all of the activities we take part in. Why do you belong to the groups and organizations that you do? Is there a clear reason in your mind?

When I do strategic planning work with organizations the first question I ask is why does this group exist? If I have been clever about it, I have asked the members of the board to write down the answer to this question and hand it in to me, before I start the facilitation. It is always interesting to see the differences of opinions about the reason for the group’s existence. This would be an organizational question. How about the more personal question – do you know why you belong to the group?

If I was going to sound fancy here – I might ask how the groups you belong to tie in to your life’s purpose?

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