Finding That Balance


On a recent family trip I had the opportunity to enjoy watching my children play. This does not happen too often – now that they are “adults” (whatever that means.)

These pictures were taken while they were balancing on a teeter totter – one that was meant for mountain bikes not for people.

While I was watching and taking pictures I was thinking about balance. This is the time of year that a lot of us plan to do more of everything. We are going to spend more time at the gym, we are going to spend more time with family – some of us that are self employed are trying to figure out how to make more money. As we all know, if you spend a lot of time doing something, it takes time away from other things. We have a fixed amount of time. So if you picture the teeter totter – you see that your choices can leave you up in air!



In a world where we plan to do more of everything, how hard is it to find that mix of activities that make you feel that you are perfectly balanced? Maybe it will help to picture the teeter totter, when you are spending a lot of time on only one of the activities in your life…IMG_1625

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