Focusing on One Thing at a Time

I love the new Halifax library.


Since the library has opened I have used it as a great place to write. I have worked on the Painless Financial Literacy book which was published late in 2015. I have the book Starting A Business finished now and it has been sent to the printer, this book was also written at the library.

Currently I am working on a book tentatively called Tales from the Tax Trenches – this is my first attempt at writing stories. I am using some of the weird and interesting things that have happened with the Canadian tax system and weaving that into what I hope will be an amusing series of stories.


The way I focus on getting this type of work done is – I take my computer to the library and I turn off the wireless. I sit in one of these amazing spaces until I finish the task for the day. Here you see the set up, very cosy.

Many of us have an office and a house both of which have plenty of distractions. So if you take some work to a neutral location and turn off your electronics – focus is nearly guaranteed.



If you have trouble getting something done – take it to the library.

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