Friday the 13th

I am not flying home from Vancouver until the 14th. I do not want to tempt fate by doing anything dangerous on an unlucky day.

My training plan today called for a 45 minute bike ride. I did this on a stationery bike at my hotel in Whistler. This picture is an example of something that would never happen to my Tri bike. My Cervelo has never felt  snow and hopefully it never will. 

Once again there was not enough snow for cross country skiing where I was in Whistler so I did some walking around. I spent the better part of three days in Whistler and never saw the sun. it is easy to tell that it is a beautiful place though and I can see how Ironman Canada decided to move here from

I have found another method for getting things done. I have an subscription and I can listen to books while I am driving or in this case while riding a stationery bike or on a bus from Whistler to Vancouver. Watching the scenery and listening to Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point.

I do love to multitask.

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