Getting Compliance: Observe

This tip is the second in a summer series that will address the question, how we get compliance with the rules? I have created a checklist that spells Comply and today I will talk about what makes up the O.

The O in Comply stands for observe.  We need to observe the behaviors that are important to the organization. We can observe meeting attendance and turning in expense reports on time. It is only if we observe the behaviour that we can decide which behaviors are important enough for us to establish policies and procedures.

I have told a story for years about my son and his friends taking the wheels off their skateboards and using the boards to slide down the stairs in my home. This behaviour was not one I could have anticipated, having no brothers. If I did not observe this behaviour I would not have known how to establish a policy that would prevent this dangerous activity.

Without seeing how well our stakeholders are complying with the rules, we are unable to make the right changes to the rules.

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