Go Get Your Prescription Listing

If you paid for prescription medicine during the year, now is the time to go to the pharmacy and ask for the list of your payments. This is so much better than gathering up all those little prescription receipts.

A lot of those receipts were attached to paper bags and might still have staples in them. Some of those receipts were thrown away with the bags, so you do not have them to claim on your tax return. If you get a list, you will know you have all of the prescriptions you paid for during the year. If you get the list from the pharmacy your tax preparer will thank you. They get a list instead of a pile of receipts. If CRA wants to the see the receipts, you have one piece of paper to scan to them, not a pile. This strategy works for other medical receipts such as physiotherapists or chiropractors, etc.

Get a list from your practitioners and you will claim everything you are entitled to and make your tax preparer happy.

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