This is a picture of something that I have not seen for a few years. This is my swimsuit hanging in my bathroom, drying out after a swim workout. I have gotten out of the habit of making time to go swimming. This makes me think about habits – as a person who coaches others on how to set goals and keep them – I am always amused when I do not follow my own advice.

I tell people to plan their week and make time for the activities that are important to them. Swimming is important to me. I plan to finish two Ironman races in 2014, one is a 70.3 and the other a 140.6. Swimming is the first event in a triathlon and one does not just jump in the water and swim 4 kilometres without training.
The problem with swimming from a time management standpoint is that I do not have a pool and I live in an area where the lakes are too cold for swimming from November to May (at least). So if I am going to swim I have to go to a pool when I am allowed to swim. Sometimes a pool is open but lane swimming is not available.
I stopped going to the pool when I was struck by a car during an ironman in 2010 and then broke my leg in 2012. So this habit of not going swimming is more than 3 years old. I went a few times in 2013 but not consistently. Consistency is crucial to training. I need to swim at least twice a week every week from now until July and three times would be better.
So now that I have been swimming – have I broken the habit of not swimming? Probably not yet. I have to figure out when I can swim this week and make it happen. I have to do this for several weeks before I can say that I have changed my habit of not swimming to a habit of swimming.

Are there any habits you should try and get back into your life?


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  1. M.A. February 2, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

    A good reminder. Thanks.

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