Halloween Treats –Can You Deduct The Cost? Canada 150 Recommendation #89

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Halloween comes with a tradition of answering your doorbell and handing out edible treats.

If you are in business is there any way that you could consider these treats to be a tax deduction?

Basically, I would say no. The general rule for tax deductions is that you have to prove that you “laid out the money to earn income.” So you need to work on your story here. How does handing out potato chips to kids help you to earn income?

My plan for the holiday is to give a treat bag to anyone who shows up and says “Trick or treat” at my office. The treat bag includes a couple of small chocolate bars, a bookmark or two from the books I have written and the people who arrive during business hours will also be offered the choice of one book from our book rack.

I think that there is enough of a correlation between earning income and spending money here. I will attract people to my office, they will get some marketing material and a treat.

Could you prove a correlation between Halloween treats and making money?

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