Holiday Policies For Your Organization

Governance applies to everything. I say this all the time. With the December holidays coming up quickly, now is the time to review your holiday policies.

Does your organization have any specific holiday policies? Do you need to have people available to work during the holidays? Do you keep track of who did it last year? And whose turn it is? Is there a limit to how many people can ask for the days between Christmas and New Year’s off – or do you close your office and pay all your employees for this time period and earn their eternal gratitude?  

Is there a gift giving policy in the office? Is everyone expected to give everyone else some small gift or do you do the Secret Santa draw? Will there be a holiday party? Will there be alcohol served at the holiday party? There is much to be considered.

If you have unwritten policies, maybe this is the year that you document them so that everyone involved understands the policies. When you have new staff, they may be unsure about what the common practice is about gifts or other holiday stuff. Document the policies and reduce everyone’s stress.

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