Home Office Expenses – Simpler Calculation This Year

More people worked from home in 2020 than ever before in Canada. Because of this, CRA is offering a simple calculation of the claim that you can make on your 2020 personal income tax return.

You can claim $2 for every day that you worked at home in 2020 without a T2200 from your employer and without any calculations or receipts. You can also make a claim based on calculating your home expenses for the year, figuring out how much of your home was used exclusively for business and for how long in the year. If you claim using the detailed method you still need a T2200 from your employer.

The expenses eligible for working from home do not include mortgage interest or property taxes unless you are self-employed, so for most employees who own their home the $2 per day is probably the way to go. You can do all the calculations to see if you would be better off, then you need the form and you need receipts if asked.

The $2 per day seems like a gift from CRA.

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