How Did Your Vacation Compare to Your Budget?

If you took a vacation this past summer, do you know how it compared to the budget you had set for the vacation? Of course, to make this happen, you had to have a budget and you had to have tracked the amount that you actually spent on the vacation. Most of the time people spend more than they expect to. I do believe in that saying that, once you are packed for a trip, rethink the plan and take half as many clothes and twice as much money

Being on vacation is supposed to be relaxing. When you are on vacation your usual qualms about spending money are less compelling – after all isn’t this what you saved the money for – to spend it on vacation? You should enjoy your vacation, but you don’t want the stress of extra bills to ruin the weeks that follow your time off. Figure out what the vacation will cost and decide if that is how you want to spend your money.  If you do have the vacation data, make the comparison and you will know how much to save for next year.

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