How Do You Decide If You Will Serve On A Board?

I am often invited to do a governance session at the first board meeting being attended by new board members.

I will ask a new member why they decided to become a board member and the answers I get are not always impressive. Some people are there because their friend brought them!

The decision to move from being a member to being a director of an organization should not be made lightly.

If you follow my work then you know that a member of an organization does not have any accountability for the activities of the organization but a director will be responsible.

I do find that people don’t consider much when making a decision about serving on a board. Here is a short list that might help:

  • Do you have time for meetings and committee work?
  • Do you agree with what the group is trying to achieve?
  • Do you understand your role and responsibilities?
  • Is there any potential for personal liability?

Talk to a couple of the board members before you decide to join the board and consider the above questions and you could avoid making a mistake.

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