How to Lose the Trust of Canadians

As of last Friday, Canada’s ethics commissioner has launched an investigation into our finance minister Bill Morneau. The same Bill Morneau who has been under fire for his tone-deaf comments about Canadian business owners.

Apparently, a company that Bill still owns is going to benefit from legislation that is being passed in parliament. Earlier this year we heard that Bill Morneau had not put all his assets in a blind trust, as is generally required of MP’s. He had taken advantage of a loophole which allows the MP to avoid the blind trust if their assets were held indirectly through a holding company.

I have talked in this space before about the lack of public trust in Canada. This is a further example of how politicians erode our trust. I imagine that Bill Morneau had good reasons for getting into politics. I doubt that he was motivated by how much money he could make if elected, but now, a sizeable percentage of the population no longer trusts him to do what is right for them. They will be sure to think he is working for himself.

This is a case study for politicians in how to lose the trust of your stakeholders.


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